Developer McAfee, LLC info

Name: McAfee, LLC

List of software(s) that McAfee, LLC has built:

  Filename Product
  A767F00B-59DD-455D-8C36-4831D7D6ACBC McAfee Security Scan Plus
  AlertPluginRegister.exe McAfee Alert Manager
  ChromiumContainerReg.exe McAfee Chromium Container
  CSISSetup.exe McAfee Consumer Software Installation System
  D1C29E41-F9CF-4ECD-B532-4020F3256EEB McAfee Safe Connect
  E73384D0-7831-40EB-AC9F-3EEB54F41C44 McAfee Security Scan Plus
  gmcapexe.exe McAfee VSCore Platform
  gservicehost.exe McAfee WebAdvisor
  gSSScheduler.exe McAfee Security Scanner +
  guihost.exe McAfee WebAdvisor
  hostdrv32.exe McAfee Security Scanner +
  mc-dad.exe McAfee Windows Protection Suite
  mc-extn-browserhost.exe McAfee Browser host process
  mc-inst-uihost.exe McAfee Windows Protection Suite
  mc-neo-host.exe Neo
  mc-pco-scanner.exe McAfee Windows Security System
  mc-sustainability.exe McAfee Windows Protection Suite
  mc-vpn.exe McAfee Windows Protection Suite
  mc-web-view.exe McAfee Windows Protection Suite
  mc-wps-secdashboardservice.exe McAfee System Security Check DashboardService exe
  mcafee-security-ft.exe McAfee Personal Security
  McAfee_Installer_serial_1CAIqzK4k1OAPOi44IsxuQ2_key_affid_1491_akey.exe McAfee Consumer Software Installation System
  McAfee_Installer_serial_lQJsnO8A98xZhQw1DX2OPQ2_key_affid_0_akey.exe McAfee Consumer Software Installation System
  mcafee_trial_setup_433.0207.1516_key.exe McAfee Package
  mcafee_trial_setup_433.0207.3617_key.exe McAfee Direct Stub Installer
  McSecDashboardService.exe McAfee System Security Check DashboardService exe
  McWssHealthMonitor.exe McAfee WSS Health monitor
  MfeBrowserHost.exe McAfee WSS Shared Browser Host
  mfeepmpk_utility.exe McAfee Endpoint mfeepmpk utility
  mfemvedr.exe MVISION Endpoint Detection and Response Service
  OSSwitchService.exe McAfee OS Switch UI
  PCOScanner.exe McAfee Windows Security System
  SCTBSvc.exe McAfee WSSVPN
  ShrCL.exe McAfee Shredder
  sik saýrý McAfee Security Scanner +
  smc3crtm5jx.exe McAfee WebAdvisor
  SSSchedttuler.exe McAfee Security Scanner +
  UserEnvState.exe McAfee NextGen Message Runner
  WACNotifications.exe McAfee WACModule
  WSCLLCGlobalSign.exe Platform
  zgo.exe McAfee Security Scanner +