Developer McAfee, LLC info

Name: McAfee, LLC

List of software(s) that McAfee, LLC has built:

  Filename Product
  AlertPluginRegister.exe McAfee Alert Manager
  ChromiumContainerReg.exe McAfee Chromium Container
  CSISSetup.exe McAfee Consumer Software Installation System
  E73384D0-7831-40EB-AC9F-3EEB54F41C44 McAfee Security Scan Plus
  gmcapexe.exe McAfee VSCore Platform
  gservicehost.exe McAfee WebAdvisor
  gSSScheduler.exe McAfee Security Scanner +
  guihost.exe McAfee WebAdvisor
  hostdrv32.exe McAfee Security Scanner +
  mc-extn-browserhost.exe McAfee Browser host process
  mcafee-security-ft.exe McAfee Personal Security
  McAfee_Installer_serial_1CAIqzK4k1OAPOi44IsxuQ2_key_affid_1491_akey.exe McAfee Consumer Software Installation System
  mcafee_trial_setup_433.0207.1516_key.exe McAfee Package
  mcafee_trial_setup_433.0207.3617_key.exe McAfee Direct Stub Installer
  McSecDashboardService.exe McAfee System Security Check DashboardService exe
  McWssHealthMonitor.exe McAfee WSS Health monitor
  MfeBrowserHost.exe McAfee WSS Shared Browser Host
  mfeepmpk_utility.exe McAfee Endpoint mfeepmpk utility
  mfemvedr.exe MVISION Endpoint Detection and Response Service
  OSSwitchService.exe McAfee OS Switch UI
  SCTBSvc.exe McAfee WSSVPN
  ShrCL.exe McAfee Shredder
  sik saýrý McAfee Security Scanner +
  smc3crtm5jx.exe McAfee WebAdvisor
  SSSchedttuler.exe McAfee Security Scanner +
  UserEnvState.exe McAfee NextGen Message Runner
  WACNotifications.exe McAfee WACModule
  WSCLLCGlobalSign.exe Platform
  zgo.exe McAfee Security Scanner +