Developer OEM info

Name: OEM

List of software(s) that OEM has built:

  Filename Product
  AccelCalibrationWizard.exe AccelCalibrationWizard
  Agas.exe Agas
  AntiTheft.exe AlwaysAwareAlarm
  AntiTheftService.exe Always Aware Application
  AutoRotateScreen.exe Auto Rotate Screen
  BattInfo.exe BattInfo.exe
  Button Settings.exe Tablet Button Settings
  ContinuumMode.exe OSD
  Control AP II 1.3.4_2.exe ControlAP II
  Control_AP_II_1.3.5.exe ControlAP II
  CPUTray.exe CPUTray Application
  CRCtl.exe THPRCtl
  DFMiE.exe DFMiE
  dso_220 usb.exe dso2100usb
  eGasAdmin.exe eGasAdmin
  epsng_certd_bjrcb.exe ePassNG Middle-ware
  epsng_certd_qdccb.exe ePassNG Middle-ware
  epsng_certd_zht.exe ePassNG Middle-ware
  FEQ.exe Live! OSD
  HDDPark.exe G4 PROTEC
  HDPService.exe HDPService
  HPUtility.exe Always-Aware Hard-Disk Drive
  I-PowerGate.exe I-PowerGate
  i5BlockAndSurfr.exe Always-Aware Hard-Disk Drive
  iBrightness 1.0.1.exe iBrightness
  iBrightness.exe iBrightness
  Install_Parallel.exe Parallel port Driver Installer for Windows NT4
  IPM 1.9.exe IPM
  Kasiyer_Sonlandir.exe Kasiyer_Sonlandir
  KeySetting.exe Quick Key Setting
  LaunchCtrl.exe OEM
  LaunchCtrlGM.exe OEM
  Light Sensor V1.0.0.3.exe Light Sensor
  Light Sensor V1.0.0.4.exe Light Sensor
  Light Sensor_ON V1.0.0.3.exe Light Sensor ON
  Light Sensor_ON V1.0.0.4.exe Light Sensor ON
  Loggy.exe Loggy Soft
  M840ScreenBox1.exe T8NYRotate1
  macroeasy.uva.analyst.exe UV-Vis Analyst
  MFLaunchOT.exe Application MFLaunchOT
  ngslotd.exe ngslotd
  OEM_Factory_Download.exe OEM Factory DP
  OEM_MEID_writer.exe OEM MEID Writer
  OSD 1.13.exe OSD
  OSD 1.14_2.exe OSD
  OSD_1.15.11.exe OSD
  PRCtl.exe THPRCtl
  prjJewelleryV3.exe prjJewelleryV3
  QuickMenu.exe QuickMenu
  saferem.exe OXU921S support for Windows 98SE
  ScreenBox.exe GD3070 ScreenBox
  sensorProtecao.exe Live! OSD
  SetupWeb.exe Webcam
  SetupWeb_1.5.0_3.exe Webcam
  T12LRotate1.exe T12LRotate1
  T12YRotate1.exe T12YRotate1
  T8YScreenBox1.exe T8YRotate1
  uc480Viewer.exe uc480Viewer
  UV-Vis Analyst.exe UV-Vis Analyst
  vp4.exe VycistitPocitac
  WinticRunner.exe WinticRunner
  Wireless Configuration Utility HW.00.exe Wireless LAN Monitor Utility
  Wireless Configuration Utility.exe Wireless LAN Monitor Utility
  WL-5460USBv11b1.exe 802.11g Pen Size Wireless USB 2.0 Adapter HW.32 V1.00