Developer Network Associates, Inc. info

Name: Network Associates, Inc.

List of software(s) that Network Associates, Inc. has built:

  Filename Product
  Avconsol.exe VirusScan Home Edition
  Avsynmgr.exe VirusScan Home Edition
  CMAgent.exe McAfee Agent
  CMGrdian.exe McAfee Windows Guardian
  CPD.EXE McAfee Firewall
  GUARDDOG.EXE McAfee Parental Controls
  MssCli.exe McAfee AntiSpyware
  Msssrv.exe McAfee AntiSpyware
  naimag32.exe ePolicy Orchestrator
  naimas32.exe ePolicy Orchestrator
  NAIMSERV.EXE ePolicy Orchestrator
  Plguni.exe QuickClean
  RuLaunch.exe McAfee Instant Updater
  Sniffer.exe Sniffer Application
  SnifferPro_4_70_530.exe Sniffer Portable 4.7.5
  TBMon.exe TalkBack Monitor
  UpdaterUI.exe McAfee Common Framework
  Vshwin32.exe VirusScan Home Edition
  VsStat.exe VirusScan Home Edition
  Webscanx.exe McAfee VirusScan