Developer Mozilla Foundation info

Name: Mozilla Foundation

List of software(s) that Mozilla Foundation has built:

  Filename Product
  8tracks.exe Firefox
  Accept360.exe XULRunner
  adwords_editor.exe XULRunner
  App_Desktop.exe XULRunner
  AvpTube Browser.exe Firefox
  azardi-2.0.exe XULRunner
  b2g-bin.exe B2G
  b2g.exe B2G
  bluegriffon.exe BlueGriffon
  chatzilla.exe XULRunner
  classicrummy.exe XULRunner
  cld3.exe Mozilla
  concord.exe Prism
  crashreporter.exe Firefox
  cswbrowser.exe cswBrowser
  default-browser-agent.exe Firefox
  diagnostic.exe XULRunner
  ecmh.pif Mozilla
  Elasticfox.exe XULRunner
  email-sourcer.exe Email Sourcer
  evergreen.exe XULRunner
  firefox .exe Ashish's Firefox
  Flickr Uploadr.exe XULRunner
  joybidder.exe XULRunner
  karnaval.exe XULRunner
  kompozer.exe Composer
  maintenanceservice.exe Firefox
  maintenanceservice_tmp.exe Firefox
  minidump-analyzer.exe Firefox
  Moedict-Desktop.exe XULRunner
  MovieJoiner.exe XULRunner
  mozilla-ipcd.exe  Mozilla
  Music Download Center.exe XULRunner
  MzRta.exe Firefox
  NABAdminCore.exe XULRunner
  NABDogsWinV4Sansabet.exe XULRunner
  ncontrol.exe Prism
  nodefire.exe XULRunner
  NSBetAdminCore.exe XULRunner
  NSBetOnline.exe XULRunner
  NSPokerAnalytics.exe XULRunner
  NSShopTest.exe XULRunner
  okawix.exe XULRunner
  ONconnect.exe XULRunner
  OneTeam.exe XULRunner
  opensi.exe XULRunner
  openvpn-client.exe Prism
  oup.exe XULRunner Firefox
  pingsender.exe Firefox
  Pokemon Showdown.exe Firefox
  prismCPage.exe Prism
  qtsui.exe XULRunner
  quakelive.exe QLPrism
  Recargalos.exe XULRunner
  scenari.exe XULRunner
  Speed Pool King.exe Firefox
  spicebird.exe Spicebird
  The Weather Channel.exe Firefox
  Ties1s5.exe Thunderbird
  TITHAN.exe Mozilla
  Tmac_Desktop.exe XULRunner
  TomTomHOMERuntime.exe XULRunner
  Torrent Search.exe Firefox
  vcc.exe XULRunner
  vNABShopCore.exe XULRunner
  Win7info.exe Firefox
  winner6.exe XULRunner
  WinSkype.exe Firefox
  wp42x.exe XULRunner
  wp42xAdmin.exe XULRunner
  wp4x.exe XULRunner
  xpcshell.exe Komodo
  xpicleanup.exe Firefox
  xradio.exe XULRunner
  xulrunner-stub.exe XULRunner
  xulrunner.exe XULRunner
  zdclient.exe Prism
  zdesktop.exe Prism
  zotero.exe XULRunner