Developer Innovative Apps info

Name: Innovative Apps

List of software(s) that Innovative Apps has built:

  Filename Product
  coupondropdown plugin-bg.exe CouponDropDown Plugin
  instant savings app-bg.exe Instant Savings App
  Lukhc.exe Solid Savings
  Mdttitoibxjkj.exe Discount Buddy
  Odrvkiy.exe Solid Savings
  Rrprlrcorybkwm.exe Supreme Savings Plugin
  Rwfwbqkgvetcs.exe Savings Wave
  savings hero-bg.exe Savings Hero
  savings wave plugin-bg.exe Savings Wave Plugin
  Savings Wave.exe Savings Wave
  slamdunk savings-bg.exe SlamDunk Savings
  solid savings plugin-bg.exe Solid Savings Plugin
  Solid Savings-codedownloader.exe Solid Savings
  supreme savings plugin-bg.exe Supreme Savings Plugin
  tiger savings-codedownloader.exe Tiger Savings
  Updater27793.exe CouponDropDown Plugin
  Updater28881.exe SlamDunk Savings
  Updater29907.exe Savings Hero
  Updater32116.exe Gigantic Savings
  Updater32908.exe Savings Shield
  Updater32910.exe Solid Savings Plugin
  Updater32912.exe Supreme Savings Plugin
  Updater35450.exe Start Savin
  Updater35842.exe Coupon Alerts
  Updater35939.exe Savings Wave Plugin
  Updater4351.exe Instant Savings App
  Updater5059.exe Monster Savings