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What is TouchDriver.exe ?

TouchDriver.exe doesn't have a product name yet, it also has the following name TouchDriver or Touch Driver and it is developed by unknown , it is also developed by Intech Corporation. We have seen about 31 different instances of TouchDriver.exe in different location. So far we haven't seen any alert about this product. If you think there is a virus or malware with this product, please submit your feedback at the bottom.


Something wrong with TouchDriver.exe ?

Is TouchDriver.exe using too much CPU or memory ? It's probably your file has been infected with a virus. Let try the program named PCSpeedUP to see if it helps.

How to remove TouchDriver.exe

If you encounter difficulties with TouchDriver.exe , you can uninstall the associated program (Start > Control Panel > Add/Remove programs

What can you do to fix TouchDriver.exe ?

Let try to run a system scan with Speed Up My PC to see any error, then you can do some other troubleshooting steps. Download Speedup My PC to find out what is affecting PC performance
If you think this is a driver issue, please try

Where do we see TouchDriver.exe ?

Here is the list of instances that we see for the process: TouchDriver.exe

  Path Product Name Vendor Version Size MD5
1 C:\Program Files\eBoard\TouchDriver.exe 789299 D0D42AE41F9FEE2CC4603E0E53916D67
2 C:\Program Files\WhiteBoard\WhiteBoard\TouchDriver.exe 733030 65277698579DE04FBBFC197978FAA192
3 C:\Program Files (x86)\WhiteBoard\WhiteBoard\TouchDriver.exe 733030 65277698579DE04FBBFC197978FAA192
4 C:\Program Files (x86)\eBoard\TouchDriver.exe 789299 D0D42AE41F9FEE2CC4603E0E53916D67
5 C:\Program Files (x86)\eBoard\TouchDriver.exe 789248 280471392C81B6DE1D17D7D98BA16185
6 C:\Program Files\InteractiveBoard\TouchDriver.exe 789248 280471392C81B6DE1D17D7D98BA16185
7 C:\Program Files\IntechBoard\IntechBoard\TouchDriver.exe 789248 280471392C81B6DE1D17D7D98BA16185
8 C:\Program Files\WhiteBoard\WhiteBoard\TouchDriver.exe 756019 8CB04C7165BA44A090D7A1F04345E281
9 C:\Program Files (x86)\InteractiveBoard\InteractiveBoard\TouchDriver.exe 789248 280471392C81B6DE1D17D7D98BA16185
10 D:\InteractiveBoard\TouchDriver.exe 789248 280471392C81B6DE1D17D7D98BA16185
11 C:\Program Files\InteractiveBoard\InteractiveBoard\TouchDriver.exe 21606 8DB4EC57074DEB7853E9E7A97506EAF9
12 C:\Program Files\eBoard\TouchDriver.exe 789248 280471392C81B6DE1D17D7D98BA16185
13 C:\Program Files (x86)\eBoard\TouchDriver.exe TouchDriver Intech Corporation 794624 71F65B0A8B8FF02C815608E1289BF77B
14 C:\Program Files (x86)\eBoard\TouchDriver.exe 789401 5764EFCD1D3537B78C0B783CFAB5EB34
15 C:\Program Files\eBoard\TouchDriver.exe TouchDriver Intech Corporation 794624 71F65B0A8B8FF02C815608E1289BF77B
16 D:\ScreenMedia\TouchDriver.exe 789452 0F6E639DF998B09C0898CC23370DF90B
17 C:\Program Files\ClassTeacher\TouchDriver.exe TouchDriver Intech Corporation 794265 CA0FE4F60261BE62A963A65B6CFC4A14
18 C:\Program Files (x86)\TouchDriver\TouchDriver.exe Touch Driver 64358 3E94A1D8B1486F48A8A6CBDF528DFEBB
19 C:\Program Files (x86)\InteractiveBoard\TouchDriver.exe TouchDriver Intech Corporation 794265 CA0FE4F60261BE62A963A65B6CFC4A14
20 C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\TouchDriver.exe TouchDriver Intech Corporation 794265 CA0FE4F60261BE62A963A65B6CFC4A14
21 C:\Program Files (x86)\InteractiveBoard\TouchDriver.exe TouchDriver Intech Corporation 794777 F87B2968119388A4C2903AA81BF079E2
22 C:\Program Files\eBoard\TouchDriver.exe 789248 B4313F836FF5760CA60475B10D292375
23 C:\Program Files\InteractiveBoard\InteractiveBoard\TouchDriver.exe 789248 280471392C81B6DE1D17D7D98BA16185
24 C:\Program Files\ScreenMedia\TouchDriver.exe TouchDriver Intech Corporation 794265 6BB8C38DCB6733F96C6DC40D6D03D6F6
25 C:\Program Files\WhiteBoard\TouchDriver.exe TouchDriver Intech Corporation 794265 D7F95DCD9ABED1E9BAA825BEB8A957D8
26 C:\Program Files (x86)\InteractiveBoard\InteractiveBoard\TouchDriver.exe 21555 8ADCEE0736DC1F44A26D901F55F98862
27 C:\Program Files (x86)\IntechBoard\TouchDriver.exe TouchDriver Intech Corporation 794777 47B5DC017507AB024A21EFDD83D8B323
28 C:\Program Files (x86)\LuxiBoard\TouchDriver.exe TouchDriver Intech Corporation 794214 518F011DCAEA651DD58E5909561E96C1
29 C:\Program Files\InteractiveBoard\InteractiveBoard\TouchDriver.exe 756019 8CB04C7165BA44A090D7A1F04345E281
30 C:\Program Files\HQ1 Interactive Driver\TouchDriver.exe TouchDriver Intech Corporation 798464 BC552C406773028621B9533E0D46F4C8
31 C:\Program Files (x86)\WhiteBoard\WhiteBoard\TouchDriver.exe 756019 8CB04C7165BA44A090D7A1F04345E281

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