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What is photorec_win.exe ?

photorec_win.exe is known as PhotoRec and it is developed by CGSecurity , it is also developed by . We have seen about 24 different instances of photorec_win.exe in different location. So far we haven't seen any alert about this product. If you think there is a virus or malware with this product, please submit your feedback at the bottom.


Something wrong with photorec_win.exe ?

Is photorec_win.exe using too much CPU or memory ? It's probably your file has been infected with a virus. Let try the program named PCSpeedUP to see if it helps.

How to remove photorec_win.exe

If you encounter difficulties with photorec_win.exe , you can uninstall the associated program (Start > Control Panel > Add/Remove programs

What can you do to fix photorec_win.exe ?

Let try to run a system scan with Speed Up My PC to see any error, then you can do some other troubleshooting steps. Download Speedup My PC to find out what is affecting PC performance
If you think this is a driver issue, please try

Where do we see photorec_win.exe ?

Here is the list of instances that we see for the process: photorec_win.exe

  Path Product Name Vendor Version Size MD5
1 C:\Documents and Settings\username\Desktop\\testdisk-6.14-WIP\photorec_win.exe PhotoRec CGSecurity 6.14 119705 7693102C256520DF57DAB7040F982067
2 E:\testdisk-6.14\testdisk-6.14-WIP\photorec_win.exe PhotoRec CGSecurity 6.14 119705 A351D9ADECDE6BAFFC910F076A35A67F
3 C:\Program Files\IDM 6.11 Build 8 Portable\Downloads\Compressed\testdisk-6.9\win\photorec_win.exe 35686 CE655FC57D65D2E0D315B09C47A355C9
4 C:\Downloads\testdisk-6.14-WIP\photorec_win.exe PhotoRec CGSecurity 6.14 132404 FDCE2FBA0A248D2AD848D84E413C129F
5 C:\Users\username\Desktop\\testdisk-6.12-WIP\photorec_win.exe 42188 D5C59883DB1474E19F3D8003E05B9CE7
6 C:\DOCUME~1\SYAIFU~1\LOCALS~1\Temp\Rar$EXa0.279\testdisk-6.14-WIP\photorec_win.exe PhotoRec CGSecurity 6.14 131278 983A98F06C3CD61F632BA92BA53AE32E
7 C:\Users\username\Desktop\\testdisk-6.12-WIP\photorec_win.exe 42188 D5C59883DB1474E19F3D8003E05B9CE7
8 C:\Documents and Settings\username\Escritorio\Nueva carpeta\testdisk-6.13\photorec_win.exe PhotoRec CGSecurity 6.13 119705 E628A6A950FE41B6960E69A0AA9A6835
9 C:\Documents and Settings\username\Bureau\testdisk-6.14\photorec_win.exe PhotoRec CGSecurity 6.14 131227 BE0F9BF31176F1C580D5BE37DA559801
10 C:\Users\username\Desktop\testdisk-6.14\photorec_win.exe PhotoRec CGSecurity 6.14 131227 BE0F9BF31176F1C580D5BE37DA559801
11 C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Temp\Rar$EXa0.460\testdisk-6.14\photorec_win.exe PhotoRec CGSecurity 6.14 131227 BE0F9BF31176F1C580D5BE37DA559801
12 F:\testdisk-6.11.3\win\photorec_win.exe 41164 A0ACC31A0E2A62B48A4D8913DE3A2EE0
13 E:\descagas internet\\testdisk-6.14\photorec_win.exe PhotoRec CGSecurity 6.14 131227 BE0F9BF31176F1C580D5BE37DA559801
14 C:\Documents and Settings\username\Desktop\\testdisk-6.14\photorec_win.exe PhotoRec CGSecurity 6.14 131227 BE0F9BF31176F1C580D5BE37DA559801
15 C:\Documents and Settings\username\Desktop\testdisk-6.14\photorec_win.exe PhotoRec CGSecurity 6.14 131227 BE0F9BF31176F1C580D5BE37DA559801
16 C:\Users\username\Desktop\testdisk-7.0-WIP\photorec_win.exe PhotoRec CGSecurity 7.0 57038 E86086585BB8BA01063093F5A021B81D
17 C:\Users\username\Desktop\testdisk-7.0-WIP\photorec_win.exe PhotoRec CGSecurity 7.0 52379 6017A5DCFB8B7B5FCEFD98DB13857C04
18 C:\Documents and Settings\username\My Documents\Downloads\\testdisk-6.14\photorec_win.exe PhotoRec CGSecurity 6.14 131227 BE0F9BF31176F1C580D5BE37DA559801
19 C:\Documents and Settings\username\Desktop\Photo Rec\testdisk-6.14\photorec_win.exe PhotoRec CGSecurity 6.14 131227 BE0F9BF31176F1C580D5BE37DA559801
20 C:\Documents and Settings\username\My Documents\\testdisk-7.0-WIP\photorec_win.exe PhotoRec CGSecurity 7.0 56577 E642113507F037C11DDB34CD0A850342
21 F:\testdisk-7.0-WIP\photorec_win.exe PhotoRec CGSecurity 7.0 58112 9869D9A06E62C806C69300C0ECA3A8B1
22 H:\testdisk-7.0-WIP\photorec_win.exe PhotoRec CGSecurity 7.0 56935 51F68F8C2CCFA8D02739D4CF798624FC
23 C:\Documents and Settings\username\Escritorio\tedisk-6.13\photorec_win.exe PhotoRec CGSecurity 6.13 119705 E628A6A950FE41B6960E69A0AA9A6835
24 C:\Users\username\Desktop\testdisk-7.0\photorec_win.exe PhotoRec CGSecurity 7.0 61697 4EFDA8D9C5630B4BAB68BB492964CB89

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