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ProcessChecker is a full-featured task manager with detailed information about processes, startup entries, internet explorer add-ons, network connections, windows services. It also has a massive database information about every windows process running on windows with many feedbacks from the online community.

Community Feedbacks

  • monitorpad.exe I noticed this after I got a USB microscope from Amazon. It had a drivers CD to install the viewing
  • MPSigStub.exe Is d:\15f541711214d44fe93ec5b22db8\MPSigStub.exe a microsoft malware protection?
  • TVHomeMedia3.exe Hi recently purchased your device and want to find out if it works win 10
  • plug-container.exe Every time my PC become very slow I have to cur tho plugcontainer running tree. The I can use my PC
  • vlc media player setup.exe PUP of mine was approx. 963kb or 983kb. Quarantined as default as this file looks nothing like the o
  • ATF v11.00 Full Installer (FIXED) 0.rar__3039_i866783535_il5864410.exe I have forgot my password phone so I want to reset and flash the phone Nokia Asha 503
  • NetControl.exe Excellent site! Rebooted my W7 and checked what was running in Taskmanger > Processes and found a
  • AltiumMS.exe AltiumMS.exe is a bona fide extension of the Altium pcb design layout software. However, it is an e
  • GoogleInputHandler.exe It does seem like the Goole Input Handler goes viral int he process tree -- Whn I end the process -
  • impcremote.exe I have been receiving phone calls from "John in the refund department of TechKangaroos" who instruct