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ProcessChecker is a full-featured task manager with detailed information about processes, startup entries, internet explorer add-ons, network connections, windows services. It also has a massive database information about every windows process running on windows with many feedbacks from the online community.

Community Feedbacks

  • MxCrashReport.exe It's a damn nuisance,coming up as a pop-up,and then ceremoniously stopping the programme I'm on. I t
  • MTKReader.exe b jxbv sldvb sifHEPHOEWHIWEJAJFo
  • MBot.exe MBOT.exe was blocked for me by Avast!, and it prevented me from moving files to another location.
  • WhatsAppEspiar.exe i need this program please
  • KangoEngine.exe This is a QMEE file.
  • AU79 Client.exe iam using AU79 Client in landline server but for a stall purpose i used it in net server but its not
  • FGInstall.exe ok
  • GTA V.exe quiero jugar ya
  • NkWp8Client_v4.0.exe de pronto tienen creditos para el programa NkWp8Client_v4.0
  • ~Mnn133.tmp Win 10 Op System, I can not open a cheat happens file on my computer. have checked the file for a vi