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ProcessChecker is a full-featured task manager with detailed information about processes, startup entries, internet explorer add-ons, network connections, windows services. It also has a massive database information about every windows process running on windows with many feedbacks from the online community.

Community Feedbacks

  • torrentc org t25093.exe By продажа 2015-04-21 12:32:40 Продам базы e-mail адресов и осуществлю рассылку Наша команда выпол
  • AppIntegrator.exe I am being bugged by the same as above comments relate. How do I remove this annoyance.
  • HPSmplPass.exe Re:HP SimplePass What is is and what is it's purpose ??
  • i4jdel0.exe Is it safe to remove this?
  • i4jdel0.exe It's part of Java. Vuze and Minecraft are both Java apps, hence this appearing when you start them.
  • UPROsync.exe I have a new Callaway uPro, fresh out of he box. Because Callaway no longer supports this device, I
  • WinRAR 5.20.exe I have Windows 7 2009. I made an ill-advised download several days ago, and have had to clean up mu
  • upmbot_gb_342.exe I found it on my computer, screenshot:
  • Hacked Gamepad BY SARATH GAMER.exe how can i play counter strike 1.6 in my pc using psp usb game controller.
  • DriveScan.exe I purchase DriveScan Plus 7/22/2006. I had a crash and lost my software. My name is William Poole R