Developer SupportSoft, Inc. info

Name: SupportSoft, Inc.

List of software(s) that SupportSoft, Inc. has built:

  Filename Product
  bcont.exe SupportSoft Container
  bcont_nm.exe SupportSoft Container
  consonaoptimize.exe ConsonaOptimize
  consrcclient.exe SupportSoft® RemoteAssist
  consRcViewer.exe SupportSoft® RemoteAssist
  dsc.exe Dell Support Center
  healtop.exe SupportSoft Support Center
  htlogger.exe htlogger Module
  kw04_win.exe SupportSoft sprtsvc
  scriptcenter.exe ScriptCenter
  spellex.exe Dell Support Center Updates
  sprtassisttoolbar.exe SupportSoft® SprtAssistToolbar
  sprtcmd.exe Dell Support Center Updates
  sprthelper.exe sprthelper Module
  sprtlisten.exe sprtlisten Module
  sprtsvc.exe SupportSoft sprtsvc
  sprttrig64.exe SupportSoft, Inc. SprtTrig64.exe
  tgShell.exe SupportSoft Software Protection Shell
  tgsrvc.exe SupportSoft Repair Service
  uinstaller.exe SupportSoft Container